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  • suitable for smt, ict auto and manual insertion lines

  • choice of lcd touch screen or push-button panel

  • programmable logic control

  • font loading of bare boards

  • small footprint

  • pass through mode as standard for all machine size

  • quick vacuum operation and high suction force

  • suction arms adjustable without tools

  • high pcb loading capacity

  • smema interface for communication between machines available in other conveying mediums e.g. flat belt, polycord

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( m ) series











50 to 350


( l ) series





50 to 510







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cycle time

10 secs


280 pcs 1.0mm thick pcb
930 pcs 0.3mm thick pcb

reference side

front or rear as specified

air requirement

6 to 8 bar / 170 liter /min

electrical requirement

230va max (voltage as specified)

optional items

tower light
push-button  / touch screen panel
other sizes available

temu reviews legit
the machine comes with 3 pcs for m size and 4 pcs for l size suction cups of sizes � 10mm. other sizes are available on request.













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amazon get paid daily

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amazon get paid daily

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amazon get paid daily

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