Company Activities

Industrial robot design, PCBA handling equipment, fabrication, maintenance and technical consultancy on all types of related electrical components.

Design, manufacture and sales of electronics and information components and technical advice related to these.

Machine tools, metal processing machines, electromechanical instruments, textile manufacturing machinery, industrial materials management equipment, packing machinery and food processing machinery.

We also make the design, manufacture, outfitting and maintenance of related machine instruments and devices and automated systems.



Integration ᴠthe cutting edge


When it comes to making industrial robots with functions, operations and production capacity that had never existed before, we are extremely proud of the complete service our company provides from design to production, installation and operation. With the concentration of various concepts, intellectual thinking and sophisticated technology, we have made it possible to supply customers with products that meet their needs in a short amount of time. In our industry, there are few companies that can rise to meet this challenge. Using an integrated system, we manufacture products for the user while maintaining the confidentiality of information entrusted to us. We provide our customers with our absolute trust.


Design 튉 Answering needs with a variety of concepts

When operations previously performed by human beings are transferred to machines, the idea is not simply for the machines to copy them. Our design concept is to add the designer૮owledge and ingenuity. Maintaining trust and safety and taking into consideration the timing of operations and efficiency, we add cost performance and give form to the actual products. With innovative ideas and know-how, extensive experience and achievements, and a high level knowledge of individual knowledge and technical ability, we meet the various needs of the user.

Construction 穴h the promise of reliable technology

We are being asked to provide a higher level of precision technology. All of our staff is well aware that their mission is to assure the user of complete operation by the agreed deadline. What becomes evident here is our ability to handle the job and the technological ability that we have cultivated through our past achievements. After making adjustments at the company to a certain degree, the setting is fully completed at the actual installment site. After care services following start up operations are also looked after by our staff. This is why we can promise to deliver on time and this is why we can promise complete quality.

Control Intelligence 鮶estigating more complete controls and more sophisticated controls

Linking design and engineering to set manufacturing machines into operation electrically is our control work. Therefore, the creed of our staffs who are involved is based on dedication to the work site. Whether it is the electrical work at the time of assembly or a high level of adjustment at the installation site, they are there to meet the user͊ needs with reliability. Furthermore, in instrumentation, they are also answering the challenge of high technology and CIM with technology that incorporates image processing to allow mechanical controls to be more human-like. I'm sorry to hear you are out of the rolex replica I ordered but code form.