In the present manufacturing environment, switch over cycle time for products is becoming shorter and shorter. How efficiently small lot production of diverse products can be accommodated, holds the key to success in production today.


Absolute Tech System are an elite group of engineers who support the construction of various factory automation systems. The high level ability of the individuals and the concerted teamwork of our group contribute to increasing the userలoduction profits.


When it comes to production robots, handling equipment machine, electrical components, information devices and all kinds of machines, we provide only the real thing. With technology that we have refined and improved, and with originality, we make the factory automation systems that users wish for a reality.


Because our company has an integrated production system where we do everything from design to product manufacturing, assembly and start up operations, our delivery date is assured. You can expect a lot from the mechatronics elite.



The innovative ideas of staff who known the joys of creation produce the next generation of technology and products.


Filled with a spirit of challenge, our energetic staffs pool their knowledge and skills reate something promisingŮcouraged to think 崳ide of the boxനey transform their original concepts and ideas into machines, one after the other, that had never existed before.




We provide users with the best products and we aim for products that are adhering to the user೴andards. Only with professionals like us will you find the care and ingenuity that will see you through your needs for a long time.


Cost Performance


Taking into account the timing and the efficiency of operations, we cut costs while maintaining safety and trust.


We make systems where laborsaving production is possible while maintaining safety, dependability and trust. We make cost performance a credible reality.


Our strength lies in the designing ability of our staffs that are thoroughly knowledgeable of our production line.


Technical Ability

We are a group of specialists who possess a high level of individual ability. Sound skills make superior performance possible. With an established high standard of technology, we have proven our performance with many achievements in the area of precision machines where a high level of accuracy is required. From parts production of micron units to construction of high performance control systems, the high quality of our work has already been proven.

Integrated Production System

From design to manufacture, installation and operation, we are proud of our integrated production system where we do everything. We are also proud of our complete quality control and the ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Another good point about us is our ability to be extremely flexible. The professional attitude of seeing work through to completion is also common to all of our staff. Through teamwork we meet our deadlines.


Important information and confidentiality are carefully maintained. This is the trust that only an integrated system can offer. It is the production line that controls the company's lifeline. Each and every person involved is aware of its importance. Security measures are in place with a strict system for safeguarding confidentiality so leaking of information never occurs.


Work goes into full operation to meet deadlines. Our mission is to handle on site work with full concentration. The ability to perform adjustments that we have gained through experience becomes obvious at the actual installation site. To ensure operations go ahead in perfect order, we do test runs over and over again at the company prior to delivery. We conduct strict tests on the operations.


We promise safe quality in the after care our staff provides following startup. Our staffs, which are thoroughly knowledgeable about the machines, carry out maintenance with a sense of responsibility. After startup operations, we do repeated follow up services. We also handle renovation construction and introduction of new machine types smoothly. We aim to create products that will be treasured for a long time. - Hublot wrist watches tend to be acclaimed for his or her on the web.